Monday, 10 November 2014


To rebuild with you because we are both broken….
To start a new life with you because our past no longer matters, the love we share that binds us together erases every painful memory from the life we had with other people.
I love you; these words never seem to be enough. I love you for who you are to me, I love you for the strength you share with me in my time of weakness, I love you for everything you are, everything I am, for everything we have, for everything we share, for everything we hope for and for everything that makes us.
Through the lies and betrayal, through the disappointments: my journey led me to you. How else can I appreciate a blessing without experiencing what it feels like to be without one?
A bitter heart cannot love, I was so consumed with getting even with those who hurt me that I lost sight of what happiness felt like, then I met you; and you healed my broken heart, taught me how to forgive and now loving you brings me so much joy, I am finally at peace.
I always imagined spending the rest of my life with almost everyone I fell in love with and somehow, the end was always near and my imaginations, a bit far-fetched but with you, I am finally living the life I wanted; in your arms, in your smile and laughter, in the depths of your love. I am living my future in the present with you.
I love the person I have become, somehow I find myself trying to go beyond average to be my best. You understand my pain, my hurt, my sadness. Even in the moments where I am at my lowest, you are always a step ahead, waiting for me to get better, trying to make me feel better, encouraging me to go on, showing me how certain pains in life demands to be felt because it helps to shape us in becoming stronger. You are my refuge and my rehab.
And in moments where I bask in the joy of having you all to myself, the happiness I feel; overwhelms my mortal being. For as long as the earth needs the stars, moon and the sun, I will constantly need and want you in my life. 
To rebuild with you because we are both broken… divided we fall, united we stand and together we strive…
And even if all I have with you is borrowed time, I intend on living a full life with it, every moment, every chance and every opportunity.
You are my happy place. 
You are my home, my heaven and my paradise.

I love you 

Monday, 7 July 2014


Flipping through the pictures in her hidden folder, seeing images that made me cringe, this had to be a dream; a bad dream. This was supposed to be her brother, incest! Really!
Today marked 8months being with Modupe, how can I ever move on? I am not one to snoop around but in the last 8months of our relationship, Modupe's inexplicable closeness to her brother has never bothered me, even their late night conversations, when he calls she leaves the room. The consistent I love you, quite tormenting but then, he was family to her.
I couldn’t still believe it, Modupe and her brother? She has shown me his pictures few times so I was sure he was the one.  What kind of family did I get involved with? All the times where he would call at odd hours and she was unable to leave the room, i was asked to keep mute so he doesn’t know she is with someone else, in her defense her brother was over protective, and she wanted me to be in his good book if I eventually got to meet him. Most times, I would overhear her say “I am with a friend”. I tried to understand, I wanted to be accepted.
Modupe and her brother, incest! I was in proper shock. Every time she travelled back home, Modupe would disappear from planet earth for the duration of her trip and when she comes back, getting intimate with her seemed like a very difficult task. I figured she was from a very spiritual religious home and she was trying to be strong not to cave in to canal desires.
All the fights a night before she would finally make the trip back home, it all made sense. Modupe played me though.
One more month before Modupe passed out from NYSC, I kept remembering how we began; how I took her in; fell in love with her. I catered to her needs, we opened a joint account together barely 3months ago, I even sponsored trips to America, the UK and her brother tagged along. Modupe and her brother though.
I stared at the pictures long enough and began plotting my revenge; I needed more inspiration so I proceeded to her messages. She sent a lot of text messages to a contact named baby, and the contact wasn’t me, I can only assume it was her brother or a stranger.  Modupe what did I ever do to you? Who calls their sibling by a pet name and exchange a lot of sexual themed messages? Modupe.
Two days before my discovery, I had planned a getaway surprise for us that cost me a fortune as a present to her to celebrate our anniversary, I intended on proposing. She has always had her reservations concerning spending a lifetime with me but I was convinced Modupe was the one. Her brother decided it was in my best interest to call and ruin our plan, Modupe suggested we cancel the trip so she can go home to take of her brother. Her parents are alive and well, they have workers in their house, Modupe has other grown siblings to take care of her brother but she chose to honor his invitation over us spending a weekend together. I kept thinking, she must really love her brother so much.
A night before her trip, as a routine we had our useless silly fight. Modupe slept on the couch in the living room, with her bag already packed and placed by the side of the couch. At 2am, I woke up and decided to check on her in an attempt to convince her to come back into the room, on approaching the living room, she was talking on the phone without realizing my presence in the room, so I remained quiet as possible to eaves drop on the conversation. “I love you baby, I can’t live without you” “I can’t wait to be in your arms again” “you are my world and everything”. The conversation goes on for almost 20 mins. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Modupe was cheating on me with another man, and if indeed it was her brother; then they are just plain rotten.
I waited until she was through with her conversation, from the corner of the living room; I watched her switch off her phone and bury it deep inside her bag. In less than 5mins, Modupe was fast asleep, a deep sleeper too. I carefully walked to where her bag was and fished out her phone. I took the phone back into the room to peruse the contents of the phone with the intention of returning the phone before she would wake up, i didnt get half way through the contents and somehow I passed out with the phone in my hand. I opened my eyes few seconds later, only to discover, it was 1pm. I rushed to the living room and I realized Modupe was long gone, she didn’t even say bye before leaving.
While I was still trying to understand what was going on, speak of the devil. Incoming call; Baby. I let it ring 4 times in a row. I somehow summoned the courage to pick the call; I was going to confront her brother with the pictures I saw. I said “hello” he replied “who is this and why do you have Modupe’s phone?” I replied “I am her friend, she left her phone” i overhear him call out “MO” which was the pet name she had warned me never to call her. “Your friend found your phone “. I asked “please sir, are you her brother” he replied “no, my wife doesn't have a brother, I am her husband”. I was speechless, in the background I could hear Modupe’s voice asking for the name of the friend. Modupe is married? To a man she paraded as her brother? WTH is going on? 
Whilst lost in my thoughts, trying so hard to figure out what was going on, boom! A voice brought me back to reality “hello this is Mrs Modupe Peter, who is this and how come you have my phone?”
My ears, oh my! I panicked and ended the call. So Modupe is married! WOW! A Mrs! Mrs Modupe! Was i cursed?
Beep! 1 new message received, i was more than curious to know what the message was about.
"MARCH 2014 STATEMENT. A/c: 3XXXX71X. Startbal: NGN300,000. Dep:NGN10,000,000. Wdr: NGN9,500,000. Endbal: NGN500,000.
The account number was the same as the account number of the joint account. My NGN10,000,000. Modupe!

Incoming Call: Baby

Hell on earth!

Thursday, 12 June 2014


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Ola! You two timing bastard, best friend indeed, Ola! How could you? How could you? Rape? Ola? Ola? Speak before I commit murder. He just stood there frozen looking at me.
I wasn't sure of what to do; i walked back to the lounge of the suite as I was keen on knowing what transpired. Sat on the sofa and patiently waited for my so called best friend to join me.
Ola finally summoned the courage to walk out, and as soon as her saw everyone, he screamed in his defence “I didn't rape anyone, this crazy bitch tried to kill me because…” “Because…….” “That is all I am going to say”
I turned to Temisan, “what does he mean by he didn't try to rape you” “you said he did”
My God, is this a movie, I was getting so impatient and I decided to let my anger out, I rushed to where Ola was, pressed hard against his gunshot wound, he screamed a bit but then I discovered it was just a scratch, the bullet didn't penetrate his arm. I didn't care much about that, I pressed further.
“Kalu, Temisan is my lover” I was shocked. Lover? Huh? Temisan tell me what is going on? Temisan: yes kalu, Ola and I are lovers. I am his mistress; when I came to the hotel, I asked him to join me but I only discovered on his fone that he has been chatting with your wife to be, check his fone. She points to where the fone was; I hurriedly picked it up and scrolled through the messages.
“Baby, he just called off the wedding, typical Kalu. The idiot still doesn't know what is going on between us. We should celebrate. He had the nerve to tell me about his other slut Temisan. I can’t wait to be in your arms again”
Chioma what is going on? Temisan? Ola? Are you guys freaking mad? I was losing my mind already. Was I getting played?
Still holding on to Ola’s phone, I decided to read every message in his inbox to ascertain where my ex fiancĂ©e began her affair with him, then I noticed a text message from a contact named Tony; Tony happens to be my business partner and he owned the hotel where this drama was unfolding.
“Ola, omo that your friend sha na heavy dunce, he cleared his entire savings for a bogus deal. How are we sharing the spoils?”
My God! Bogus business deal that promised me millions of dollars, my life savings, everything I have ever worked for, I even did a magazine cover announcing my new rich status. Tony may amadioha punish you. I was slowing running mad.
Tony somehow noticed my countenance had changed and by now was heavily guarded by the mobile policemen. I was still in a state of confusion, I sat on the couch. No one in the room said a thing and then my phone beeps; apparently my cell phone has always been with me. A bbm message from Miss Oluchi

“Kalu, I don’t know if I want to keep this from you but I was pregnant with your child, I felt guilty and I felt used. The best thing for me to do was to get an abortion and somehow, I have messed up my system. I am in so much unbearable pain. I can’t take it any more. If you are reading this then I am about to take my life. I have already sent a letter to my family stating that you are responsible for my death. I loved you but you preferred my sister to me, what can Chioma offer you. Kalu, we could have been so much more. You killed me”
OMG, this was too much for me to take, I couldn't hold in any more. I let the tears out. I didn’t care who was in the room. I had no money, I had no friend, my mistress cheated on me, I called my wedding off, I found out my wife to be was having an affair with my best friend. And now, my wife’s younger sister is about to commit suicide. Kalu, your village people are calling you.
Whilst still trying to make sense out of it, private number calling. I became skeptical in taking the call, so I let it ring, 2 missed calls already. Absolute silence in the room, no one was saying anything. Before I kill myself, I might as well find out who is calling me. so I finally pick up
“Hello” the caller replies “Kalu, kalu, kalu, why have you chosen to disgrace this family” “we have been waiting for you since morning” recognizing who the caller was, “papa, you don’t know what is going on”
I opened my eyes and suddenly I realize, I am still in my room, on my bed. A banging headache, 2 bottles of tequila on the floor. I must have taken the call whilst half asleep. That was a dream, a bad dream. Thank God none of it was real, it didn’t happened.
I ended the call without saying a word, Where was Chioma? Temisan? Ola? Tony? I check my fone. 83 missed calls, my battery was down already. Saturday 4pm. Damn, I missed my own wedding.
I felt a sharp pain by my side, I checked to make sure: my shirt was soaked with blood; it felt like something pierced me and on my bed was a loaded Beretta Px4 Storm. Who shot me? And who did I shoot?

Tuesday, 10 June 2014


Staring at Chioma, I almost rushed to where she was to hug her. Thank God she is alive and obviously intoxicated but she is alive. I looked at the mobile police with so much relief. But the question on everyone’s mind was who got shot?
The receptionist helped Chioma from the floor and proceeded to clean her up, this night was too intense for me. I needed it to be Saturday morning already. My God, Temisan is in the next room.
Temisan was the girl I feel in love with after a nasty break up while I was still young and reckless in the university, she took me in, nurtured me and my heart felt indebted to love her for a lifetime.
She was the reason I was ending my engagement and cancelling my wedding, everything was going according to plan with wedding until 6weeks ago, when I mysteriously ran into Temisan. We talked, had too many lunch dates, I began to fall in love with her again. Slowly but surely, Chioma became extinct in my heart and all I wanted was to be with Temisan.
Was Temisan alright? I rushed to her room, surprisingly the mobile police men followed me also, I opened the door with the key and standing in the lounge of the suite with a pistol in her hand was Temisan. Drops of blood on the floor and damaged hotel property, what in heavenly Father’s name is going on? Temisan! What the hell did you do? I asked. The mobile police rushed to where she was and took the gun from her. It felt like she was in a trance, and suddenly she came back to life screaming “it was self-defense, self-defense. Rape, self-defense”
I was more than curious and I questioned my safety. No one knew temisan was in the hotel with me, not even my best friend Ola, who tried to convince me to stay with Chioma and leave Temisan alone.
My thoughts running wild, was Chioma responsible for this? Did she call someone to the hotel whilst she was in the bathroom to deal with Temisan? What is going? I didn’t tell her Temisan’s room number, was she a covert CIA operative to have cleverly followed me without my knowledge?

Who tried to rape you? I kept asking her, who tried to rape you? Without waiting for any reply, I went to the bedroom, there was no one there and yet again I headed for the bathroom, my God what is with these people and bathrooms? I opened the door, lo and behold; there was no one there, blood splatter everywhere though from the tiles on the floor to the sink, and then on the shower curtain. I turned to walk away but felt inclined to check what was behind the shower curtain. My best friend; Ola was standing in the bath tub, holding his arm, that was shot. Shit just got real!

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

FAIRY-TALE: The Saga Continues

My feet firmly planted to the floor, I was mortified and scared beyond reason. Was Chioma dead? The loud bang that definitely sounded like a gun shot, did Chioma take her life because of the break up.
Was it really necessary to tell her that I had feelings for my ex and she was in the next room; clearly Chioma wasn’t so surprised, she already knew about it.
Chioma seemed so calm talking about us falling out of love with each other and referring to my undead feelings for my ex.
Kalu, you have done it again, you have successfully driven an innocent girl crazy to the point of suicide, was this an elaborate setup? If she can’t have me then no other person would, did she carefully orchestrate this? Clearly, the hotel staffs heard the sound too; by now security operatives should be heading to my room, a country where investigations are not properly done, if you were in the scene when an act was committed, you are guilty of the said act
Kalu, you have outdone yourself, how do I fix this? As I stood there trying to come up with a solution, a loud knock on the door interrupts my thoughts. Oh my god, they are here already. How do I fix this? On Monday, I was the richest bachelor to be married with a new deal that ran into millions, Friday night, suddenly became my last day of freedom. My supposedly planned wedding in few hours got cancelled few minutes ago; I was still searching for the best way to inform both families. How did my life get this bad? The loud knock on the door kept interrupting my thought process, tears dropping freely from my eyes again, I was indeed screwed.
I was going to act cool like nothing happened, thereby giving me enough time to fix this, frantically searching for my cell phone to call anyone who could fix this, then I realize her clothes were scattered in the room, shoes, make up kit, hand bags. Who brings this much stuff to a hotel you were supposed to spend one night. It seemed like a set up. My palms were getting wet, I was about to lose my mind, the knocks on the door became consistent. I kept screaming I wasn’t decent; they should give me more time.
I needed to get rid of her stuffs ASAP. I started packing the clothes together, pushing them into an open bag, whilst searching for where to hide it, i noticed the room had a balcony, I place the bag there. I put her makeup kit in the mini fridge, her shoes I tossed under the bed, hand bags underneath the pillow and then I used the duvet to cover the pillow.
I carefully scanned everywhere to eliminate her presence, how was I going to explain a dead fiancé to anyone and everyone.
I took off my shoes, my shirt too, I was about to go to the bathroom to pour water on my face then I remembered her body was in there as well, took out a bottle of cold water from the fridge and emptied most of its content on my body, hair and face. The knocks were getting really intense, and then I heard a voice threatening to break the door down.

I finally opened; standing outside the door was the receptionist, the owner of the hotel who was also my friend and business partner that procured my recent multi-million dollar deal, three armed mobile police staring at me. They enter the room, scanned thoroughly and asked if I had a guest in the room, to which I replied no, that it was indeed my bachelor’s eve night so it was just me in my room. I almost convinced them until the receptionist noticed a lacy bra in the waste bin, of all places I could have placed it, I chose a waste bin. The mobile police asked me again if I had a guest in the room with me, by this time I was finished, so I didn’t say a word. Everyone proceeded to the bathroom. And just before, the bathroom door was opened another mini flash back, what if I didn’t even cancel my wedding? I could have just managed a loveless marriage and kept my true love as my life long mistress, no one would get hurt. Damn you Chioma for doing this to me. The door finally gets opened; sitting on the floor with her wedding dress was Chioma, with earplugs on, a bottle of vodka. Smoking Kush. If Chioma didn’t get shot…then who did? 

Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Staring at her, I was finally home.. A place so familiar, I never wanted to leave. Chioma was the love in my life.
Watching my future bride to be dance in her wedding dress melted my heart and suddenly it was as if she realized someone was watching her, she turned around looking at me with so much emotion written on her face, they say it is bad luck to see the bride in a wedding dress before you say I do, but this moment felt like it was meant to be, I walked slowly towards her, admiring her beauty, she laughed out loud, I was indeed lost, her laughter was the only thing that brightened my horrible day. I couldn’t believe it, Chioma looked so heavenly, it seemed like we were not going to wait till the next morning before getting married. The mood felt so right, I wanted to hold on to this for as long as I could.  I held her hand, and just then, Ellie Goulding’s “all I want “song started playing. Tears flowed freely from our eyes, this was the girl I loved so much with my heart, at a point, and she was the person I envisioned my future with. She made me a man, she made me grow up. I would give anything and everything in this world to keep her in my life. With tears in our eyes, I wanted to kiss her lips but I ended up kissing her forehead instead. She let out a deep sigh and called out my name “Kalu, you know I love you right?” who said a man is not supposed to cry, my eyes kept betraying as I murmured yes.  I didn’t even understand what the tears was about, was it the song that was playing in the background or the moment we were sharing. “Kalu, I love you very much…. But I would say what you have been afraid to say all this while. I feel that way too” “we are making a big mistake, we shouldn't get married” “I promised never to leave you, you are all I have Kalu but we cannot do this” and Chioma kissed my lips. More tears flowed. She was right. We were making a big mistake. Somehow, all we had in common were the constant fights, arguments, the nagging, the complaints, the embarrassments in front of the people we love. The pain we made each other feel and in those moments our fragile hearts became only but a memory of a rock. We loved each other but we fell out of love. I had become the man she was with and she was the love in my life. I let go of her hand, I looked at her one more time, this beautiful face that I have grown to cherish. I may never see the face again. Chioma smiled at me, turned around, grabbed her bag from the drawer and walked into the bathroom. That was my cue to leave the room. I stood there frozen. Suddenly our life together began to flash before my eyes, our good moments, how happy she made me feel. Bang, my thoughts was brought to a stop. I just heard a gun go off in the bathroom.

Not every love story has a happy ending. The end

Sunday, 9 February 2014


My heaven on earth, my heart beat, my glow stick in the dark. A radiating light that gives illumination to my world. The earth beneath my feet, the sky above my head, the air I breathe. I get lost in my imaginations of you. I know I can’t have you so I close my eyes and picture a life for us, where you come alive, where your love saves me, where I keep you happy.
Even if it’s only for a moment my thoughts become illusions, somehow it is more than enough. The joy of not having to embrace reality where being with you seems remotely impossible, the realization that all I have is a picture of you in my head. White picket fence, a dog named max, front porch and a family car parked on the drive way.
And if I can have all of that with my eyes closed, I never want to open them
And I lust after the sweet melody in your voice as you call out my name, your ever calming voice
Call me desperate, but I don’t see how I can go on living my life like I never met you.
I don’t understand how I am supposed to just ignore the fact that right now, in my life, you mean the world to me.
I fall deeper, I fall deeply, I fall hopelessly in love with you.
The sun and moon bear me witness, the love in my heart, the feelings I keep buried inside, the inexplicable way you affect me.
To steal a moment with you, to share my happiness and joy, to have you in my life for always, nothing else matters.
I keep fighting distance and time, a lost battle but the war is still worth the fight. I hold on to every memory I have of you, your voice, your laugh, the way you smile at me. Time and distance have been unfair to our love. I still hold on.
And sometimes, I hear how you call out my name like you can feel me next to you, so close yet so far. I miss you
The pain of having to go on daily without you here with me is so surreal. Words alone can’t do justice to how you feel; How can I love you this much and be so far away?
Crazy in love is putting it lightly, you make my love for you drive me insane, and it is so pure, so divine. Heaven’s greatest gift to man, heaven’s rare treasure, heaven’s missing angel in human flesh. Even if I cut out my heart and place it in the palm of your hands; a sacrifice not befitting the purest form of love you possess. Every day is a blessing and every hour not spent with you is a curse, a dead man’s curse: to walk amongst the living and die a little inside every passing second. A corpse with a heart, an aging soul. Boulevard of broken dreams: to see you and not see you.
Love hurts in the most damaging way but that’s the beauty of it. The days where I miss you so bad, I can feel my heart break into pieces, the times where even after talking to you I still want more. Who says a man is not supposed to cry? The tears that flows down my cheeks sometimes remind me of how grateful I am to have you, how lucky I am to have found you.
So much noise and all I can hear is the sound of your voice in the midst of the crowd, like your hearts calling out for me. Like a calming sound from a lullaby.
By nature, every man is selfish but I am only content with you. I don’t need anyone else, painfully I realize with each moment spent away from you; no one can come close to the standard you set. Why do I need to settle for less, when I already have the best?
I hold on to everything dear, everything true, and everything pure. I hold on to you.
I pray to have you in my life for as long as the earth has the sun, the night has the moon and stars. I pray to be there for you as you have been there for me.
And if you are reading this, I just want you to know that I love you now, and I would hold on to that.